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5 Reasons To Shop Bad N Boujie

In this blog post I'll be providing 5 reasons why you should shop with The Bad N Boujie Experience. In this post I won't be feeding you lies about how you'll never find bundles as good as ours as my goal of creating this post is not to falsely advertise our brand but accurately depict why Shopping Bad N Boujie will be the investment that changes your life. You're probably thinking... "Change my life? by purchasing hair?..." Well that's because you don't truly understand The Bad N Boujie Experience yet. That's okay just keep reading and you'll be enlightened soon enough. 

  1. The first reason you should shop Bad N Boujie is affordability. Although you may be able to find bundles, clothing, etc just as good as ours, you will not find our quality at the same affordable price that we offer.
  2. The second reason you should shop Bad N Boujie is real self advertising. We never pay for promotion by influencers or ads. Of course we do not condemn other businesses that do that. But we see that as an easy way out instead of being your own advertisers. We only sellw what we would wear ourselves. We promote ourselves and we go out of our way to engage with people and reach out to people so that our customers are able to get to know us on a personal level.
  3. The third reason you should shop Bad N Boujie is because it's not just a brand but it's a lifestyle. Which means once you shop Bad N Boujie your way of life changes. We believe that when you look good you feel good; when you feel good you do good things and inherently are a good person. 
  4. The fourth reason you should shop Bad N Boujie is because we truly believe in women's empowerment! Products that we sell ourselves we may purchase from other woman-owned (black woman-owned specifically) such as mink lashes just to support the hustle of others. We also are so passionate about this business because of transformation we are able to give women and we're not just talking physically but mentally and emotionally as well because we enjoy building the confidence of other women. Shopping Bad N Boujie will boost your confidence x1000 and you will be joining our sisterhood. Of course whether you shop Bad N Boujie or not my dms are always open if you just need someone to talk to about your problems or you had an amazing day and would like to share that as well @itskiera.nitae_ on instagram.
  5. Our fifth and final reason why you should shop Bad N Boujie is because we said so! After explaining all of this you should be able to feel our passion so we are just saying try us out you won't be disappointed!

As a Queen who just read all of that, i'm just going to give you a short refresher of the 5 explicit reasons provided why you should shop Bad N Boujie. With us you're never forced to choose between quality and affordability ever again! We also, are self promoters who connect with our customers on a personal level because we actually care about them as women and the experience they get from us. Our brand is actually a lifestyle so you inherently become a better person after shopping with us! We love women and love increasing their confidence with our products. You have to shop with us because we said so and we guarantee its an investment you won't regret. If you still don't feel inclined to shop with us Contact us! We have plenty more reasons why you may want to change your outlook on our company! You can reach us by email: Instagram: Facebook:

~Boujie Talk with Kiera Nitae


  • I wanted to order some clothes but I only seen hair. Will you be restocking on clothing or this is a hair website only, now???

  • I lowkey wanna shop and be y’all friend lol I’m not gonna lie I’m actually gonna dm you 💕


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