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Where The Bad N Boujie Experience Got Its Name

Alexis had the idea of selling bundles for a while but she needed assistance with well... kind of every aspect of creating and running your own business. I always had a natural gift for business but at the time when her idea first came up my life was so busy but we researched some vendors and began testing different hair. I was the test dummy. I wore, bleached, dyed, etc the bundles and wrote down my results for each. Then my life took its turn for the worse causing me to take a pause and re-evaluating everything I’ve ever known and we didn’t talk about the idea for a while. When I finally got myself together her idea came up again. This time I had nothing but time so we began planning and organizing but a key component would be creating a Brand Name that fit us. Initially since it was her idea I came up with Alexis Bundles... Innovative right? Lol But She didn’t want it to be all about her especially since she wasn’t doing it alone. I respected that. I thought well what about Bougie Bundles since Bougie is the way everybody wants to be known as. So we searched on Instagram to see if the name was taken and there were SOOOO many bundle businesses with that name so we’re like back to the drawing board. Until Her neice was like what about Bad and Bougie Bundles. We didn’t see any other companies when we checked Instagram so we’re like okay that’s a good sign But I still wanted it to be unique and meaningful so I thought of what being Bad and Bougie meant to me and the only image present in my mind was that of my late cousin Justice. Granted it had only been a month since she had passed away so I was totally still in grieving mode but nethertheles Bad and Bougie fit her perfectly so I suggested putting a “J” in Bougie to symbolize Justice and the letter N instead of and just to be a bit more trendy and Alexis loved that idea. So Bad N Boujie Bundles became our name until we later decided that we wanted to expand and branch out to more than just Bundles so we changed that part into experience because we now offer an entire experience. And that is the story of how The Bad N Boujie Experience Got it’s name. 

                               ~ Boujie Talk With Kiera

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