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FAQ: Hair Tips

How Many Bundles do you recommend?

  • 8" - 16" we recommend 2 or more bundles.
  • 18" - 28” we recommend 3 or more bundles.
  • 30” - 34” we recommend 4 or more bundles.
  • 36” - 38" we recommend 5 or more bundles.

*Please note that this is only a recommendation*

Does The Hair Shed?

  • Any hair manufactured to be stitched to a weft will experience shedding. Our hair experiences "minimal shedding" meaning that there will not be a noticeable decrease in volume when properly maintained. Proper maintenance is heavily advised to get the most longevity out of your bundles.

Can Wefts Be Cut?

  • Our wefts are machine stitched so they can be cut however,The Bad N Boujie Experience does not advise the cutting of our wefts as it may cause unwanted shedding.

How Much Do Bundles?

  • All of our bundles weigh 3.2 - 3.5 oz (100g)

Do You Sell 100% Virgin Hair and What Does That Mean?

  • Yes, The Bad N Boujie Experience is a 100% Brazilian Virgin Hair supplier. What this means is our hair is completely unprocessed and chemically unaltered. It comes in its healthy natural state.

Can Bundles Be Colored?

  • Bundles can be bleached, dyed, and/or permed. Please note that once hair is altered in any way it is now processed and no longer considered to be virgin so we recommend processing of extensions by a professional.

Why is 613 Hair Higher Maintenance?

  • 613 Platinum Blonde Hair is heavily processed which means that it is fragile and easier subject to breaking off. Maintenance of 613 hair requires daily hydration by use of argon oil and washed weekly using hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

How Can I Keep Up Maintenance of The Hair?

  • Keep extensions clean for longevity. It is recommended to use deep conditioner on virgin hair weekly. Avoid use of lots of oil or heavy styling products. Also, try to limit heat usage.
  • It is advised that you comb hair every morning and gently brush hair from ends first and work your way up towards your scalp using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush. Try to keep the pressure away from the weft area. Please note small tooth combs may snag hair causing shedding. 
  • Never sleep on wet hair. Sleeping on hair wet can cause it to matte. Try to be mindful that your hair is completely dry before going to sleep. Please braid, wrap, pull back into a ponytail or bun before going to bed. Also, the use of a satin scarf and/or bonnet is also beneficial.
  • Recommend re-installation services every 3-6 weeks

Why are Closures and Frontals Fragile?

  • Closures and frontals are handmade products which each hair strand is sewn on to the lace. This causes these products to be more easily able to shed and their life span less than bundles. You have to be careful with your closure or frontal at all times by brushing from tips to roots and not applying much pressure on the roots. As well as being cautious when plucking or bleaching knots because this can lead to balding.

How Long Does The Hair Last?

  • Our virgin extensions may last 1-2 years with proper maintenance depending on how well the hair is kept up with. Please note Loose Deep Wave Bundles are subject to less longevity as well as 613 hair.

How Does Buy Now, Pay Later Work?

  • You add your desired product to cart and go to checkout. Once at checkout you will input all of your information and shipping preference and then you will directed to payments. Select the Sezzle option and sign up for Sezzle. Sezzle will divide your total into 4 low payments without interest and you must purchase using a credit or debit card to be approved. (Pre-paid cards will not work for this option) You only have to make the first 25% payment that day and your package will ship ASAP! You will make another every 2 weeks with a total of 3 final payments over the course of 6 weeks and will be rocking your hair before you even make the second payment! Payments are automatically taken every 2 weeks but you are able to reschedule your payments through Sezzle for a $5 fee. Late payments will face a $10 fee. Your credit will not be checked for this payment option.