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Meet Your Favorite Hair Dealer

This is Kiera Nitae. 19-year old entrepreneur and college student at Howard University. Kiera Nitae came out of the womb as a hustler. At 6 years of age she was selling poison ivy inside of old soda bottles in the gutter Lol talk about by any means necessary. The following year she was selling movies on her porch. She continued with this entrepreneurship mentality as she started a leaf raking business and car washes at age 12, and selling snacks at school at age 15. She established a business mindset and acquired some beauty skills that made her perfect for establishing such a business. Known best for her unique styles of hair, Kiera works efficiently to balance her business, school work, and her social life. With slight assistance from her man, mother, and friends Kiera is able to keep her business running smoothly but generally she is a one-Girl Boss army. Kiera genuinely enjoys seeing how beautiful and satisfied her customers always are when they shop with her. It is more important to her to build actual connections with her customers then to just make a dollar which is why she spends a lot of time passing out her business cards; chatting with women or going live to speak about business and her life in general. If you would like to connect with Kiera. You can follow her personal Instagram: @itskiera.nitae_

Although, Kiera now runs her business alone she was not always alone. In fact the business idea initiated from her former partner, Alexis. Kiera and Alexis are cousins that turned their dream into reality. They combined money and various talents to create what is now called The Bad N Boujie Experience. The best way to do business is with the people you love and trust the most which is why this dynamic duo made the perfect business team. They decided to spell the "Boujie" that way instead of any other variation because of Kiera's great loss of her cousin Justice so the "J" in "Boujie" is in remembrance of her. Alexis was not able to handle the high demand of the business needs and decided to pull out of the partnership but the bond between the cousins are still solid strong. As of October 23rd, 2019 Bad N Boujie is officially registered with an LLC to distribute luxury hair extensions.